Predicting the English Premier League Standings

Before I begin this post, I would like to point out that I am the most disgruntled Arsenal fan you’d ever meet. Whatever subliminal messages or shade I could be throwing to your team, it’s (mostly) not to hurt you. We Arsenal fans have to find joy in other places seeing as there’s a good chance we might not make Top 4 this season. Take solace knowing that all I say, I say for the love of the game. Happy reading!

Football is a beautiful sport. The adrenaline rush we get from watching our team score in injury time or the embarrassment we feel when our team not only loses the match, but decides to concede 8 goals in the process (Yes, I am looking at you Arsenal) is part of what makes us addicted to the game. What makes football, especially in England, even more interesting is the uncertainty. You can get all the top players from all the top leagues in Europe or even sign a world class manager who almost won his country the World Cup and still not finish Top Four. Continue reading